About Me

Jenesis Beauty was founded in 2019 by Niagara-based makeup Artist, Jenny Philavanh. Jenny worked in salons across Toronto and Niagara for nearly 2 decades and at both Sephora and MAC Cosmetics. Her passion and drive for the beauty industry allowed her to build a loyal following which inspired her to follow her dreams and start her business. Her engaging and magnetic personality warms up any room creating a comfortable experience for her clients. As a professional, Jenny is continuously challenging and educating herself on cutting edge makeup & beauty trends.

"Its not just about doing makeup... Its about making a connection with someone and creating an experience they won't forget!"

- Jenny Philavanh

Founder of Jenesis Beauty

What to Expect

We're always punctual and will arrive 15 mins early. 

Our makeup brushes are always sanitized before each service.

We are professional and hand select artists & stylists we work with. 

We're a one stop shop! Check out our add-on services.